Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is the start

So I decided to start a journal/blog of my daily journey. I just got back from a walk/run where I had this great idea to have a place who journal. Erik is in Australia for two weeks and we just moved here to Austin, Texas about 4 weeks ago. We are living in a rental home while our home is being completed. Jackson, 22 months, was in the hospital last week for RSV. He has been extremely irritable and whiny because he doesn't feel well and he has not been sleeping through the night. So in turn I am finding myself feeling very worn out and exhausted emotionally and physically. He has not eaten food for almost 2 weeks now. That is stressful to me. I think he would be happier if he would just eat but he won't, even forced. I feel like I need to get in to a doctor but don't know who to see.

Jillian is home sick today so I decided to go for a walk/run to get some sort of peace of mind. I listened to Relient K and loved it. They have the best lyrics. They make me smile. Hopefully I will be able to deal with Jackson better having exercised now.

I had some great insight come to me while exercising but now it has slipped my mind. I will be back to put it down.

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